Elevate & Empower

Tailored Training Solutions and Data-Driven Assessments

At Begin With Ashley, we focus on providing tailored training experiences for diverse industries. Leveraging extensive industry experience in social services, government, healthcare and hospitals, higher education, online businesses, and creative sectors such as advertising and marketing, as well as health and wellness, we understand the unique challenges each sector faces. Through company-specific assessments, we gather valuable data for comparison and tracking of progress over time, ensuring that our training programs are effective and impactful. 

Additionally, our founder, Ashley, brings over 10 years of expertise in inclusion, utilizing trauma-informed principles and coaching techniques to support committed leaders in elevating their company culture while fostering team wellbeing. With a vision of creating a world free from assimilation, code-switching, and stereotype threat, Ashley helps diagnose gaps in organizational culture and designs inclusive, engaged, and collaborative solutions aligned with company values. This data-driven methodology and adaptable approach enable us to deliver personalized solutions that drive tangible results and foster growth within organizations.