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I designed The Equity Diagnostic to give you maximum direction on your company’s equity initiatives in the most efficient way possible. After a brief information gathering phase where you share company information with me, your work is done.

From there, I take the entire research and strategy process off your plate. I dive deep into your culture, processes, and vision – so you leave with an action plan and crystal-clear next steps.

The Equity Diagnostic is the assessment phase where I work predominantly with you and your leadership team on big-picture planning. Employees will participate in a digital assessment for real-time data collection.

The recommended strategy that I provide will likely include plans for professional development of your employees, but that is separate from The Equity Diagnostic.

You could implement company training using your existing resources. But many companies I work with choose to expand our partnership to include employee group coaching and training sessions where I guide your teams in deeper conversation with the Impact Leadership curriculum.

Our partnership starts with an interest form and a no-cost consultation where we discuss your company needs and make sure you’re the right fit to see major benefits out of The Equity Diagnostic.

To find out if The Equity Diagnostic is right for you – or ask additional questions – please, get in touch!