Case Studies

Explore how Begin With Ashley's transformative approach to equity and inclusion consulting has empowered organizations across various sectors. Through case studies highlighting tailored solutions, discover how we've partnered with non-profits, small businesses, and faith-based communities to create inclusive cultures, foster diversity, and drive positive change. Each case exemplifies our commitment to delivering bespoke training, customized frameworks, and impactful strategies to address unique organizational needs.

Case Study 1: Non-Profit

Overview: Trained community leaders using the TIYCHD Framework to prototype solutions for the Black Queer Community's HIV concerns.

Approach: Customized TIYCHD Framework and curriculum for 4 teams of Black Queer Impact Leaders. Facilitated trainings and mentoring integrating trauma-informed principles, race and gender equity, and design thinking. Prepared leaders for presentation at a major conference.

Case Study 2: Small Business

Overview: Enhanced inclusivity and diversity in a small business to foster a welcoming environment for people of color.

Approach: Developed custom training curriculum. Provided one-on-one training for Operations Director and group sessions for entire staff on bias, privilege, and inclusion. Training spanned from entry level to C-Suite leaders.

Case Study 3: Faith Based

Overview: Improved church inclusivity and retention by addressing microaggressions and welcoming diverse communities.

Approach: Designed questionnaire to identify needs. Conducted customized in-person training addressing immediate gaps, including response to microaggressions and welcoming transgender individuals. Contracted for four trainings, based on data from three sessions.