Founder & Head Trainer

Ashley McLemore

Ashley McLemore, the founder and head trainer at Begin With Ashley, brings over a decade of expertise in race and gender studies to the forefront of her coaching practice. With a Master’s degree in Health Education, specializing in race, gender, and sexuality, Ashley is deeply committed to empowering individuals and organizations through transformative leadership development.

Drawing from her extensive academic background and lived experiences, Ashley has had the privilege of guiding thousands of professionals towards overcoming career burnout and achieving work-life balance. Her passion for facilitating meaningful conversations and her unwavering dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI+) initiatives have made her a trusted advisor to leaders across various industries.

At Begin With Ashley, Ashley's mission is clear: to elevate company culture, support the wellbeing of teams, and foster inclusive leadership practices. Through tailored coaching sessions, Ashley empowers individuals to navigate challenges, embrace their unique identities, and lead with authenticity and integrity. Join Ashley on a journey of self-discovery and organizational transformation, where every voice is valued and every leader is empowered to create positive change.